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We bet that you are dreaming of something interesting and really heroic to happen in your life! If you are tired of the everyday routine, then the time has come to immerse yourself into a thrilling adventure of… Save the Girl! This is a cool collection of puzzles that will provide with numerous opportunities: you will relax solving amazing tasks, become a real courageous knight that saves poor ladies in troubles, and enjoy an incredible amount of funny jokes! The game is packed with puzzles, tricks, and numerous twists that will make your entertained like never before. The only trouble you may encounter when searching for this incredible title online is the block. However, if you are already tired of your search and want a full and unblocked version – then we have great news for you. You have found it!
Enjoy the unblocked version of Save the Girl and get through all the levels that are filled with thousands of interesting tasks. These puzzles are all diverse and require correct answers to the questions. For example, you will have to act fast to save the girl from a barking dog. You can give a toy to that beast or a piece of meat. If you think carefully, both options have a potential to capture the attention of the dog. But which one will really work in this situation and keep that monster busy for longer? Will the toy really attract the dog that is so angry and ready to bit someone’s head off? Think carefully about all the aspects of the situation before you make a move, because the main feature of the game is the fact that outcomes can vary seriously! This means that you can save the lady or… ruin everything!

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