Save the Girl

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The truly heroic game full of various puzzles where you need to save the lady on every level. The mission is complicated – you will have to apply all of your cognitive efforts to accomplish it. The puzzles are pretty advanced and sometimes even absurd, but you should find the best way to improve the situation and do everything to keep the girl unharmed. The situations are all extremely dangerous and they can end up really negatively. In the worst case, the lady can even die! The main trick of the game is that your actions can bring positive, neutral, and negative outcomes. This means that you can accidentally make everything truly bad if you make a mistake.

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Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, the process is very dynamic and even dramatic. Each puzzle is a certain situation, which requires your immediate actions. Gladly, the game has a set of tools to offer – these are the instruments, ropes, and more. All of the items will help you make the right actions, like unlocking the doors or breaking the walls. They will generate different reactions and therefore – bring you to a particular outcome, whether good or bad. This means that there is always a risk here, so be careful, thoughtful, and attentive – you should choose the right object and use it wisely, because this is the only way to get over the challenge and escape the danger.
Considering the fact that all game puzzles are connected with very dangerous situtaions, the process will keep you alarmed all the time – it is pretty anxious! At the same time, you need to keep your thoughts in order and never panic, because the idea is to focus on puzzles and make sure that you solve them all in the best possible way. There are numerous solutions and all of the might have different results, but your aim is to choose the most suitable one. The items at hand will serve as your instruments as well as small hints that will surely direct your thoughts in the right direction. Mind ever smallest element around you and try to build a full picture in your head to resolve all the tasks successfully. The full collection of Save the Girl puzzles as well as the existing parts and versions of the game are all available at our website for free. Enjoy them all online right from your browser and have fun playing the best puzzles ever! You are welcome to enter this section, choose the game to your liking, and launch it whenever you need some brain teasers and fun!

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