Save the Girl Mobile

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Are you ready to continue saving the girl, no matter where you are? This is the mobile version of a famous puzzle game, where you have to solve the puzzles to save the lady. Lucky you are – now you can launch this amazing game on your mobile device, no matter where you are. Everything you need to do that is a well-charged mobile device and Internet connection. Even when you are travelling home from college, you are welcome to continue doing the good deeds, saving the lady in trouble for Android. As you might remember, she is always in trouble, so there is a really huge room for your heroism! If you have always dreamt to be a person who saves others, and especially, if this is your romantic myth, you will definitely like this game. Courageous man saves the lady from fire, gets her from the kidnappers, and even beats the horrible zombies that try to attack this tender creature. Sounds like the best way to spend your weekend, right?

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The game is extremely popular around the gamers from all over the world. The reason is simple – Save the Girl is a collection of truly brilliant and funny puzzles you will never get bored about. This amazing entertainment encourages you to pass numerous levels where you should tackle various tricky situations. The girl gets into various disastrous troubles that can end up badly. Luckily, you are always somewhere near her. This means that you are ready to handle the challenges and save her! The first levels of the game include simple puzzles – there is only one action you should make to solve the situation and help the lady. However, once you move further, the puzzles gain more layers, so you will have to make two, three, and more steps to get through. The mobile version of the game is no less amazing and bright than the original PC one. Despite the small screen, you will easily see all the items on the level, take them, and use to save the lady. The developers did their bets to adapt the original game to the small screens of your smartphone and tablet. The puzzles are all the same, so you will enjoy the familiar game in the environment you know perfectly. Make sure that you make the right decisions – some of your answers can make the situation worse! Be mindful and wise! Have fun and enjoy Save the Girl even if you are away from your computer!

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