Save the Girl 2

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This game is tangled, but very relaxing – all in one! You have been looking for a mixture like that, right? Then here you go. Such a perfect cocktail of amazing stories, funny situations, real drama, and interesting puzzles is now real. The smartest players will easily deal with the most complicated tasks, but sometimes even real wunderkinds will have to wrack their brains a bit! The game has a very nice structure – each level is a plot that has a twisted turn and you are the one to decide it. You have to think really hard and apply all of your intellectual skills if you want to solve the puzzles successfully. Some of them are harder than the others, but the main aspect to consider is that the life of a young girl depends on your IQ. Literally! You are expected to save her in every situation that occurs and your actions must be wise and accurate. The second part of the game includes even more puzzles and all of them are absolutely unique. As always, you will have to do your best and… Save the Girl!
The tasks in this part are not only thrilling and even anxious (for example, saving the lady from zombies or mad monkeys is a nervous task). Also, it is absolutely pleasant! We bet that you will feel yourself like a real hero protecting the young girl from the dangers that don’t stop snowing on her poor head. Start solving the puzzles right now and pass this complicated way till the very end. The evil creature unicorn has kidnapped this lady for the second time and instead of enjoying the company of an innocent lady like all normal unicorns do, he tortures her! Also, there are burglars that are trying to take all the precious things she has, but you must notice their nasty hands and get her free from this situation. And there are dozens of other puzzles! As a mighty knight, you should accept these challenges and get through them if you can! Have fun and do everything to bring calm to the life of this young lady again!
Each level of the game already has some actions, so you need to make choices among those that are already presented. Think and give the right answers to continue the game. When your answers are not correct, this will entail bad consequences. Sometimes, they are just funny and embarrassing, while in the other cases – truly harmful and even killing! So be attentive – you never know to what extent you may help or vice versa – ruin everything. Each level and puzzle included in the game are unique, so we bet that you will definitely have fun solving them all! This is the game for both – kids and their parents, so enjoy it in the company of your family and friends!

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