Save the Girl Mods

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Is there anything better than the game that includes both – thrilling actions and puzzles that make you think hard and focus on the tasks? Well, if you have been looking for the game like that, then we are happy to present Save the Girl to you! This is an incredible collection of cool puzzles where you will treat the lady with all of your tenderness and show your courage when pulling her out of numerous troubles. This is a well-thought title where numerous features of different genres are presented. For example, not only there is a nice and funny story, which is a rarity for puzzle games, but also a wide range of possible outcomes of your actions. The game has a format of question-answer and you should choose the right options that will help you gain the desired results and save the lady. With these mods, you will make your playing experience even more various and what is more – chances are that they will help you find the best puzzle solutions easier. Are you ready to be her savior? Then enter the game now!
The presented free mods will make your playing experience fresh and diverse. Here you will find additional puzzles with new options and variants of answers. As such, the game can lead you to the new places where you have never been before. Instead of waiting for the new part of Save the Girl, you are welcome to have fun with this collection of mods and enjoy the brand new look of an old good game. As you know from the original part, the puzzles here are truly impressive – the game developers did their best to entertain you and tease your brain at the same time. In addition to this, you are welcome to have fun witnessing a funny plot filled with interesting, strange, and a bit ridiculous situations! Do your best to save the girl and have fun with this incredible collection of super-entertaining mods!

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