Get the Girl

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The girl in this game is always in danger. Look, the fire is burning and it approaches this poor lady! You need to rush to the rescue fast, so that the fire doesn’t get her before you do. Use the water and pour it on the fire and then… The romantic date is waiting for you! This will be the date on fire. We mean, passion fire, not the one you should bonnet fast before it kills everyone. In any case, the girl will become yours only after you make it, save her, and get her! Also, there are nasty thieves that are trying to kidnap the lady. If they will do, probably, you will never see her again! And, what is even worse, the one people who really want this are the thieves, while the lady is crying is trying to get away. Help her! The girl of your dreams is near the active volcano, oh no! You must save her from the burning lava that will definitely kill her! Run, jump, and save her!
What is more, you should use everything that comes in handy to solve the troubles. For example, did you know that the toilets can be perfect weapons against the villains? Especially, when you drop them on their heads! Your brain must work fast and react like a lightening to defeat the enemies. And, don’t forget the small secret of a real toilet warrior – don’t let the paper become wet. Gather the toilet paper and treat it like gold, this is a very important resource of your strength. What is the most important, doing all of that stuff, think about your tender pretty lady all the time and mind that you need to get and save her! Of course, after a mission is completed, you should ask her out, put your best outfit, and smile like a movie star – you are a rescuer!
Show this lade that you are deeply in love with her and do everything to prove it. You are so devoted and passionate about her, so show that you are ready to go right into the volcano, fight the most dangerous criminals, and pour the fire with liters of water just to conquer her heart and make sure that she is safe and comfortable. Everything you need in turn is her pretty eyes, charming smile, and love! And, maybe, a little kiss! Have fun and join the most romantic puzzle game ever existed! Thrilling and so passionate! Be fast, smart, persistent, and whatever difficulties you face, remember that you are doing all of that for the sake of the most beautiful lady in the world! Make her yours!

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