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Sharks, zombies, thieves, earthquakes, and everything else that is so dangerous and horrible. Yes, all of these disasters are waiting for the girl you love that much. And, of course, you just cannot allow this happen to her! That is why, you are a savior and you here to help. Save the Girl is a nice collection of amazing puzzle games that are connected with the same plot line – there is a girl and she is not very lucky. All the time, something really bad is about to happen and you are always near at the second when her destiny is decided. Appear in the middle of numerous thrilling situtaions and do you best to make the right decisions and save the lady if you can. There are so many tragic events you are going to prevent! Ready? Then enter the game now!
In this version of the game, you will find all levels of the game, since this is the full one. Each of these levels has a particular task to fulfill. You will have some hints – first, the situation will logically suggest concrete actions. Second, you will have some tools and instruments to do that. Let’s say, on the first level of the game you will see that the rope needs to be cut and voila – you have scissors. Then you may need to break the door to let the lady run away. Luckily, the game will provide you with a heavy and sharp axe. Take that massive weapon and break the door that doesn’t let her out! Starting from the fourth level, the puzzles will become more complex – they will consist of two stages. This means that you need to solve one task first and then deal with another considering the results of the first decision. As such, the success of your overall solution will depend on the steps you make. If your first move was not too optimal or correct, then the second won’t be absolutely saving as well.
Later, the levels will gain more opportunities, and, of course, will become more and more complex. You will have to make more than two steps starting from 10+ level. For example, there are three steps to accomplish – use the loudspeaker, then take a clock, and then apply metal detector to solve the puzzle. Sounds a bit strange? Well, everything is possible in Save the Girl! And, what is more, all objects and tools are great when you need to save a person, especially when this is a beautiful lady of your dreams you have always wanted to date! Who knows, maybe she will agree to become your future wife after you deal with all of these dangerous tasks and bring her to the safe place in the end!

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