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The game world is full of puzzles and challenges. However, no puzzle game can boast of being that popular and well-thought than Save the Girl. This is a truly impressive game that has everything a really winning title needs! In Save the Girl you will find a great deal of tricky but extremely funny puzzles, nice plot, and a freedom of choices. This means that you can choose whatever you want from a list of options, but be ready – not all of them are equally good! And, sometimes, you can harm the girl instead of saving her. The answers are not always obvious, so make sure to evaluate and overthink the current situation before making choices – this will definitely increase your chances to pass the level successfully.

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Get engaged from the very first minutes

When the game starts, you have the mission to save the main heroine from an evil maniac. She tries to escape, but the doors are closed! And there is no key there! However, there is an axe and you can take it and use to break the door and let the lady out before it is too late. This puzzle, like all the other ones that are presented on the very first levels, is simple and has only one move to make. You just take an axe and crush the door, that’s all, the lady is saved. However, the next levels, starting with the forth one, will be much more interesting and complicated. They will be divided into different stages and the number of puzzles will grow – two, three, and more. Incredible adventures and truly thrilling situations are waiting for you on every level, get ready to apply all of your shills and show the best you have! We bet that this cool entertainment won’t leave you indifferent.

Infinite fun and brain-teasing tasks

Be careful when solving puzzles in Save the Girl! You need to be thoughtful about the possible outcome that your decision will bring. The game will show you a situation – for example, the zombies attack your beloved lady. You have a number of items that can help you solve the problem or… ruin everything and make things worse! When choosing the option, try to predict what will happen next. Will this decision really help? How is it different from the other one? And, are you sure that this won’t make things worse? Think about the details before you click – don’t hurry up and weigh all the options carefully. We bet that you will train and your brain pretty fast and learn how to save the girl smoothly and fast!

There are numerous dangerous and a bit ridiculous situations in the game. When you make your choices considering the event, this can lead to something funny or even tragic! The girl can get into a real trouble and even get harmed. You don’t want this to happen, do you? Maybe, she is your future wife! In this section of our website, you will find a great deal of games, including Save the Girl. All the existing chapters, levels, and mods are presented for you right here. And guess what? They are all available for free! We have found a perfect mobile version of the game for you as well, so play it wherever you are and at any time! We are glad to provide you with the best games!

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